The Tangalooma

Through careful design and attention to detail, DIY Pools Melbourne have created a modular pool that is highly resistant to corrosion and suitable for saltwater or liquid chlorine.


We have achieved this by replacing traditional metallic components with resin parts and adding extra protection to any non-replaceable metallic components.


With a 10 year limited warranty, our Tangalooma pool is sure to give you years of swimming pleasure.

Installation:  Above ground or In-ground

Pool Shapes:  Round, Oval, Keyhole, Rain Drop, Rectangular

Water Type:  Salt water, Liquid Chlorine, Fresh water 

Pricing From:  $ 5,000.00

Above Ground Pool - The Tangalooma

Above ground pools styles available for the TANGALOOMA pool type

Above Ground Pool ROUND Design
Above Ground Pool OVAL BRACED Design
Above Ground Pool OVAL Design
Above Ground Pool KEYHOLE Design
Above Ground Pool RAIN DROP Design
Above Ground Pool RECTANGULAR Design