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Why is COPING important for your your new in ground fibreglass pool !

Coping is the first row of paving which plays a big part of any fibreglass swimming pool installation as it borders the swimming pool & sets a starting point to any landscaping.

At DIY Pools Melbourne we offer precision cut & custom designed pool coping for our fibreglass swimming pool shells.


What does this mean & why should you buy pool copping off the company your purchased your swimming pool from?


Each fibreglass swimming pool has unique radius corners and designs, so choosing a copping set is important to ensure you reduce the amount of joins & the risk of any exposed fibreglass being seen. We offer custom made copping sets specially designed to each and every one of our swimming pools, with perfect laser cut corners & perfect bends.

This means that your corner pieces will be perfect for your swimming pool & reduce the installation costs & efforts.

We also have a range of pavers to suite your pool copping perfectly.


In addition to making your pool look complete,  coping pavers are actually recommended by the pool manufacturer as they protect the pool shell.

It is important to note that coping pavers should be installed to slightly ‘overhang’ the pool shell. This helps prevent splash out and evaporation. They really are a ‘must have’ item.


See a few photos off copping sets installed on DIY Pools Melbourne swimming pools.