DIY Installation Guide

Once you purchase your DIY Pool Kit from DIY Pools Melbourne you will have the support of our expert team. You will receive the pool engineering information and pool installation detail to assist you to achieve a perfect result for your DIY project. Below is a basic run through of the process from start to swimming.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the VBA owner builder requirements. Be familiar with fence regulations and any council approvals you may need &   ensure you are familiar with the Australian Standards  AS/NZS 1839:1994
  2. Select your pool and pool package
  3. Draw up site plans & Lodge permits
  4. Once pool site is selected, do a DBYD investigation to see if any assets may be in your dig location.


Once your permits are approved,  you are now ready to schedule your pool installation and pool shell delivery date. So book your tradies, it’s time to get started!


  1. Mark out dig area using the detailed dig sheets provided
  2. Set final level- Set up laser & check regularly, Dig pool hole
  3. Prepare base
  4. Pool delivery-  pool arriving on truck
  5. Depending on access- pool truck drop for excavator lift
  6. Or crane lift
  7. Inspect pre plumbing, if selected, or time to plumb shell
  8. Pool in hole
  9. Back fill- water
  10. Set up equipment
  11. Beam box up and pour
  12. Optional solar
  13. Optional coping
  14. Fencing. Very Important
  15. Swimming!