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DIY Pools Melbourne


in ground pool

Colours Available
At a generous 8m in length, the open and welcoming design of the Flinders features easy-access steps for safe entry into the pool and a long bench seat that runs down the long side of the pool.
At nearly 4m in width, this means there’s plenty of room for active kids to play while the adults can relax undisturbed. Enquire Now
Pool Dimensions
Length Width Depth
(Shallow end)
(Deep end)
DIY ST-F 5m 5.3m 3.02m 1.13m 1.65m
DIY ST-F 7m 7.25m 3.9m 1.12m 1.73m
DIY ST-F 8m 8.27m 3.93m 1.1m 1.745m