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in ground pool

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When there's an abundance of land, look no further than the Eden. Available in six enormous sizes starting at 7m and ranging all the way up to 14m, the Eden features an uninterrupted swim corridor, full length seating area, and even a wading deck for the little ones. Perfect for large families with big backyards, the Eden has something for everyone.

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Pool Dimensions
Length Width Depth
(Shallow end)
(Deep end)
Eden 7m 7m 3.7m 1.2m 1.672m
Eden 8m 8m 3.7m 1.2m 1.746m
Eden 9m 9m 3.7m 1.2m 1.82m
Eden 10m 10m 3.7m 1.2m 1.894m
Eden 11m 11m 3.7m 1.2m 1.968m
Eden 13m 12.5m 3.7m 1.2m 2.079m
Eden 14m 14m 3.7m 1.2m 2.19m